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Logo Design & Branding

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Trendy Branding and Sticker Design for Black and White Bottles

Goodifull Wellness, a newly established supplement company, approached us with a significant challenge. They needed to create a strong brand identity and design eye-catching stickers for their supplement bottles. This constraint posed a unique challenge, requiring us to develop sticker designs to help them stand out in the competitive health and wellness market while adhering to the bottle color restrictions. The challenge was effectively conveying their commitment to quality and well-being within these constraints.

Goodifull Branding

Our solution revolved around creating a compelling brand identity and sticker designs that would work seamlessly with both black and white bottles:

1. Branding:

  • Brand Strategy: We conducted market research to understand the health and wellness industry, identifying key trends and consumer preferences.
  • Visual Identity: We developed a unique visual identity that emphasized the brand’s commitment to well-being, featuring a fresh, vibrant color palette and a modern, clean logo.
  • Messaging: We crafted messaging highlighting Goodifull Wellness’ dedication to using natural ingredients and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

2. Sticker Design:

  • Design Concept: Knowing the bottle colors were either black or white, we conceptualized sticker designs to maintain visibility and contrast on both backgrounds.
  • Color Choice: We carefully selected colors that would create a striking contrast with the bottle colors, ensuring that the product information and branding were easily readable and eye-catching.
  • Product Differentiation: To differentiate Goodifull Wellness from competitors, we implemented distinct design elements, including product imagery, clear nutritional information, and benefits.
  • Sustainability: Given the wellness focus, we ensured that the sticker materials were environmentally friendly, aligning with the brand’s commitment to sustainability.

3. Product Line Expansion:

  • Consistency: As Goodifull Wellness expanded its product line, we maintained consistency in branding and sticker design, ensuring a cohesive and recognizable presence.

Results: The collaboration with Goodifull Wellness led to remarkable outcomes:

  • Strong Brand Identity: Goodifull Wellness established a strong and memorable brand identity that resonated with health-conscious consumers.
  • Eye-Catching Stickers: The new sticker designs increased product visibility.

Our partnership with Goodifull Wellness exemplified the power of effective branding within the constraints associated with private-label products.

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